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 Small Scale Incinerator

 Model YD-10C (10kgs/Hr.)

 Model YD-20C (20kgs/Hr.)

 Model YD-30C (30kgs/Hr.)

 Model YD-50C (50kgs/Hr.)

 Large Incinerator Model

 Incinerator Model YD-30 (30kgs/Hr.)

 Incinerator Model YD-50 (50kgs/Hr.)

 Incinerator Model YD-100 (100kgs/Hr.)

 Incinerator Model YD-150 (150kgs/Hr.)

 Incinerator Model YD-200 (200kgs/Hr.)

 Incinerator Model YD-300 (300kgs/Hr.)

 Incinerator Model YD-500 (500kgs/Hr.)

 Incinerator Model YD-600 (600kgs/Hr.)














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How you can find reasonable incinerator for your local site?

Incinerator is not a cheap equipment, generally the small scale model¨s price around $5,000usd per unit and large scale model¨s price more than $50,000usd per unit. So, before purchase one unit incinerator, you have to make clear following items:

A, burn what? Incinerator is a incineration equipment, function is fire waste. So what kind of waste you want to treatment?

B, small or large? This according to the waste output every day or the waste volume per feed time, like animal size.

C, fuel? Incinerator use oil or gas fuel, generally, gas fuel is cheaper than oil and the smoke cleaner than oil fuel model. But some local site don¨t have gas supply system.

And other technology items, like power(220v, 380v), waste feed door type, incinerator structure, etc.

  Presently, we supply different series for local customer requirements and design updated incinerator with our leading technology. The updated design feature of our range of incinerators make them one of the most cost effective in the world. Regular model incinerator for market with burning rate from 10kgs to 500kgs per hour and we always proposal customer send us their require details, like waste material, local site fuel and power supply, incinerator operation time, etc, so we can proposal right model or custom made with different structure or dimensions.

  The incinerator lines have small scale to large scale, up to 500kgs per hour. The combustion chamber use high strength material, expensive cost but better quality than competitors. Incinerator operation system use PLC program control mode, give up the complicated manual operation.

  Key Features:
* All models with Dual combustion chamber.
* Stainless Steel chimney/stack, long lifetime.
* High temperature, long lifetime of incinerator.
* Free or minimum installation on site.
* High burn rate, from 10kgs to 600kgs per hour, up to 10ton per day.
* PLC Control Plane for Intelligent operation.
* New Design for pet animal cremation business.
* One year warranty on incinerator and parts in stock.
**Detail Specification according to order.

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