incinerator maker in china

1. Is the house time more than 2 secs?
2. Is the main as well as additional air preheated?
3. Could it be provided as a continuous system?
4. Exists a surveillance system for functional parameter? (temperature).
5. Exists an information logging system?
6. Does it offer control interventions to change waste feed, grate rate, as well as temperature, volume and distribution

of main as well as additional air?
7. Does it consist of complementary heaters?
8. Does it consist of system that immediately stops waste feeding when burning specifications are not appropriate?
9. Is it feasible to have an automated bottom ash discharging system?
1. Is the main and also secondary air preheated?
2. Could it be offered as a continual system?
3. Exists a data logging system?
4. Does it provide for control treatments to adjust waste feed, grate speed, as well as temperature, volume and circulation

of main and secondary air?
5. Does it consist of auxiliary heaters?
6. Does it include system that instantly stops waste feeding when burning parameters are not suitable?
7. Is it feasible to have an automatic base ash dumping system?
Rated Capacity: 100/KG/Hr.
Type of Layout: Double Chambered.
Mode of Heating: Burner

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