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Industrial Waste Incinerator Manufacturers | Rotary Incinerator – Alfa Therm Ltd hiclover    Uncategorized    March 1, 2022  |  0 We are manufacturers of industrial, medical & general waste incinerators machines all over the world . We offer a complete range of incinerator manufacturer plants, equipment & technology. Free installation service , superior quality products, […]
Phone: +86-13813931455(whatsapp/wechat)Website: http://www.hiclover.com/  Email: [email protected]Email: [email protected]   Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. HICLOVER Incinerator/Parts Range Main Feature Medical Waste Incinerators HICLOVER 10-500kgs/Hr.Double Combustion Chambers Single Combustion Chamber Small, Cheap,10-20kgs/Hr. Three Combustion Chambers(Optional) 3 Ranked for high risk waste Pet Cremation Equipment For Pet(small/big) Cremation Business Animal Incineration Equipment For additional creature incineration Items/Model TS100(PLC) TS150(PLC) TS300(PLC) TS500(PLC) Burn Rate (Typical ) 100 kg/hour 150 kg/hour 300 […]