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Basic Info. Model NO.:medical waste incinerator design Export Markets:Global Product Description Pyrolytic incineration technical is conventional waste treatment strategy for many decades. All around the planet, in many countries, people anti incinerator because the incinerator will produce a sizable Dioxin from the smoke. “Dioxins” refers to a group of toxic chemical compounds that share certain […]
300 kg incinerator is the model YD-300, oil or gas fuel. the primary chamber is 220 x 110 x 100cm, means 2400 Liters. Model YD-300  Burning Rate 300 kgs/hour Feed Capacity 500 kgs Primary Combustion Chamber 2400 Liters Secondary Combustion Chamber 1200 Liters Mix Combustion Chamber Yes Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Feed Mode Manual Voltage 220V/380V […]
animal incinerators for sale, movable feeding door, Flame Checking hole, waste oil collect, balance combustion for pet animal. Model A900 Function movable feeding door, Flame Checking hole, waste oil collect, balance combustion for pet animal. Burning Rate Average 30 kgs/hour Feed Capacity Average 80 kgs/feed Primary Combustion Chamber 900 Liters Secondary Combustion Chamber 300 Liters […]
we are crematorium manufacturers for family pet, small and big animal cremation. the biggest combustion chamber is 5.5M3(5500 liters) for big animal. the smallest combustion chamber is 0.11M3(110liters) for small animal.
small scale incinerator means small burning rate (capacity), average from 5kgs per hour to 20 kgs per hour. this kind of incinerator mainly for small hospital clinic or laboratory, etc. but all of them design with double combustion chamber to best waste treatment. some place or department, small scale incinerator is necessary for goverment rule request […]
portable incinerator means a small incinerator so end user can move it to other place. we made portable incinerator and the weight under 2000 kgs, the burning rate from 5kgs per hour to 20kgs per hour. all designed with three combustion chamber and two oil or gas burner. this kind of portable incinerator is cheap […]